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Thursday, January 23, 2020

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Miss Debra Hadler
Special Education Teacher and Title I
Room: Room 13
Phone: 928-428-0477 ext. 210
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Unpublished at teacher's request 7:45-3:00 (unless meetings are scheduled or appointments made)

Special Education Information

For any information on special education please click the special education link to the left of your screen. Thank you.

Assignments for January 20-24

Assignments are due the following day.

6th Literature
"Backwoods Boy" and "Jackie Robinson"
Tuesday: text page 324 questions 4a and 5a
Wednesday:historical accounts worksheet
Thursday: determining main idea worksheet
Friday: none

6th Language
Chapter 4: Verbs
Tuesday: text page 100 part 3
Wednesday: irregular verbs worksheet
Thursday: paragraph 2 of essay
Friday: paragraph 3 of essay

7th History
Tuesday: chapter 17 section 2 worksheet STUDY FOR TEST ON WEDNESDAY
Wednesday: chapter 17 map
Thursday: chapter 18 section 1 worksheet
Friday: chapter 18 section 2 worksheet

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Classroom Expectations and Grading

1. Grading scale:
100= A+ 73-77= C
93-99= A 70-72= C-
90-92= A- 68-69= D+
88-89= B+ 63-67= D
83-87= B 60-62= D-
80-82= B- 0-59= F
78-79= C+

Percentage score is based on number of items assigned.

Students will use pencils to complete homework and all other work.

Students will do after school detention if they fail to hand in any due
assignments (NO EXCEPTIONS)

24 hour notice will be given for detentions Ė be sure to make arrangements to pick up your child after the scheduled detention

Grade reports will be given to your child every Monday. Progress reports will be handed out every 3 weeks (Mondays). However, you can check your childís grades any time


For full credit on your assignments in Miss Hadlerís class, these guidelines must be followed:
1. Use only regular size (8Ĺ X 11) paper. Trim off edge if torn from spiral notebook.
2. Put your name (first and last), date, subject, and page number in the top right corner. No names on paper will lose ten points.
3. Donít scribble, doodle, or draw on your paper, unless it is part of the assignment.
4. Assignment are to be written in PENCIL.
5. Use standard writing and write legibly.

Miss Hadlerís Classroom Expectations
Enter classroom quietly
Be in your seat when class begins
Turn work in complete and on time
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
Take care of school property
Put trash in appropriate place
Do assigned task(s), keep busy with appropriate activity
Use the behaviors that you know are acceptable at school
Use only appropriate language and avoid inappropriate topics of conversation or discussion
Show respect for others, be courteous, and use good manners
Remain in your seat unless otherwise instructed
Pick up and complete assignments from absence

Miss Hadlerís Class
First occurrence of the day = warning
Second occurrence of the day = serve during study hall
Third occurrence of the day = serve after school detention
Fourth occurrence of the day = office

Parent meeting will ensue after twelve detentions

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