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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

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Mrs. Melissa Lines
Seventh Grade Teacher
Room: Room 10
Phone: 928-428-0477 ext. 2208
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Welcome to Mrs. Lines's Webpage

My name is Mrs. Lines, and I am the seventh grade homeroom teacher at Solomon Elementary School. I am primarily the language arts teacher, however, I also teach history, spelling, and key-boarding.

I look forward to meeting you and working with you this year to ensure your success (or your student's)!

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Week of May 18 - 22, 2020

Have a GREAT Summer!

The new teacher, Mrs. Price, will see you in August!

More about Mrs. Lines...
I graduated from Douglas High School and obtained my Associates degree from Cochise Community College. I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education.

When I was younger, I was a 4-H member for 10 years. I enjoyed participating in competitions for cooking, sewing, dogs, sheep, and veterinary science. I also worked many horse shows. I love animals. Currently I have four dogs, and have raised cattle, pigs, and chickens. My favorite past-times now are camping, fishing, reading, gardening, country music primarily, and riding four-wheelers. My whole family is also involved in archery. Yes, I even have my own bow! Besides 4-H, we have participated in FFA, baseball, basketball, soccer, junior wrestling, and Boy Scouts for a couple of years.

I have three grown children. My oldest is a daughter who is married and has our first granddaughter and grandson. My older son is in the Air Force, and is married. My younger son is in the Army.

Rules, Procedures & Consequences

If you are late, you miss information. If you are late, you disrupt the class. If you are late, you miss tests or assignments. If you are late, you mess up other's counts for the day. BE ON TIME!

If you are habitually late, there will be consequences such as, but not excluding others: writing sentences, serving recess detention, isolation room. All decisions are made by Mr. England and me.

For us to accomplish all that we have in the time we are given there are some rules that will help us operate efficiently.

1. Put phone/electronics in basket
2. Walk when entering the building.
3. Hats are to be removed as soon as you enter any building.
4. Quietly enter the room, get materials out, and be seated.
5. Hands must be raised to ask or answer a question.
6. Do whatís asked of you the first time.
7. Keep your area clean.
8. Cooperate with your group or partners.
9. Be prepared!
10. Respect others and you will be respected.
11. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
12. Ask to leave the room ONLY during work time, not during lecture (teaching time).

There are both positive and negative consequences for student behavior. If a student chooses to follow classroom rules, the following rewards are available:
1. Joy of learning
2. Good grades
3. Verbal praise
4. Special privileges

When a student chooses not to follow a rule, the following steps may be taken, but are not limited to:
1st offense: warning
2nd offense: study hall detention
3rd offense: after school detention
After 6 detentions (study hall and/or after school): Loss of privilege and Parent/Guardian Conference
Severe Clause: may skip previous steps and automatic referral to the Principal

Unless otherwise stated by the teacher, all written assignments are due (in the classroom at the assigned class period) the day after they have been assigned. We will NOT CALL HOME for forgotten work. Expect your child to have homework. I will try to give them as much time as possible to complete their work (and most students who use their time wisely finish their assignments); however, teachers are expected to cover a vast amount of material due to the state mandated tests. It is impossible to meet state standards and not give homework! Teachers must follow the district curriculum map in each grade level and move on to the next concept/lesson on time. Therefore, it is the studentsí responsibility to take home any work they have not completed at the end of the day.

Students are expected to write a HEADING on each paper: Name, Date, Subject and Page Number in the upper right hand corner. NO NAME papers will result in writing names, sentences, zeros (thrown in the trash).

■ LATE WORK is NOT ACCEPTED. Students must be responsible for their own materials and assignments. Students will receive a ZERO if an assignment is not turned in at the time it is due. A detention slip will be filled out and returned to me with a parentís signature the next day, to be filed for all papers not turned in on time. If I do not receive the signed detention slip, the next school day, the student will owe detention until I get it.

Most work may be completed in pencil, dark blue, or black ink. NO GEL pens as they smear. Red pens are used ONLY for grading purposes.

Students must always have their library book with them to read if they are finished with an assignment.

Graded student work is returned directly to the students. It is the studentís responsibility to put their graded work in their student portfolio and keep it organized.Parents may look at the portfolio upon request during a conference.

No cheating, copying, or plagiarism. These actions will result in disciplinary action and a zero grade.

■ Make-up Work
It is the studentís RESPONSIBILITY to ask for missed assignments upon their return to class. They also have the webpage to follow to stay caught up during absences.

Make-up work is due 1 day after their return to class after a 1 day absence. Each additional day a student is absent adds another day to the Make-up Work due date.

■ Grading Policy
Each assignment will be graded. Assignments in all subjects are graded on a point system. Points are assigned to an assignment. The student's grade is a percentage which can be figured out by dividing the points earned by the points possible (top number divided by bottom number).

Daily assignments represent only a portion of the studentsí grades. Tests and Major Assignments may be awarded a larger percentage of points than a daily assignment.

Bell work is 20%
Homework is 10%
Quizzes are 20%
Tests are 50%


Please sign, have your parents/guardians sign and return the entire handbook by MONDAY, so you can keep it in your portfolio for reference.

What you will need in class...

Black or Blue Ink Pens (No Gel Pens) Ė erasable or
Correction Tape
Red Pens
#2 pencils (regular or mechanical)
Pencil Sharpener (that catches shavings if using regular pencils)
Large Pink Eraser
2 spiral notebooks (for my class only)
Loose-leaf notebook paper
Hand Sanitizer (to donate to class, if possible)
Kleenexes (to donate to class, if possible)

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