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The Governing Board is composed of five district residents, each elected to four-year terms. The Board is responsible for educational policies and financial plans for the district, within community resources.

The Governing Board meets every second Tuesday of the Month for its regular board meeting.

Welcome to Adobe GoLive 6


The Board recognizes that the public has substantial resources of training and experience that could be useful to schools. The strength of the local District is in large measure determined by the manner and degree to which these resources are utilized in an advisory capacity and to the degree that these resources are involved in supporting the improvement of the local education program.

The advice of the public will be given careful consideration. In the evaluation of such contribution, the first concern will be for the educational program as it affects the pupils. The final decision may depart from this advice when in the judgement of the staff and the Board such advice is not consistent with goals adopted by the Board, consistent with current educational practice, or within the reach of the financial resources available.

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