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Monday, May 16, 2022

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Mrs. Mariah Hinton
School Nurse
Room: Nurses Office
Phone: 928-428-0477 ext. 215
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Unpublished at teacher's request 7:30 AM- 2:00 PM
All visitors must check in with front office.

Welcome Back for the 2021-2022 School Year!

My name is Mariah Hinton and I am the new health aide for Solomon Elementary School. I attended Solomon Elementary School as a kid and I am excited to be back to help care for the health and safety of the current SES students. Feel free to give me a call at the school's nurse's office if you have any health concerns about your SES student.

Graham County Health Dept Update on COVID-19
Please take a second to check out the new COVID-19 guidelines for exposure and quarantine. Updated by Graham County Health Dept on 1/10/2022

Thank You!
Mariah Hinton
Health Aide

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Hand, Foot, and Mouth
Parents please monitor your children for hand, foot and mouth disease during this time.

Signs & Symptoms
-Fever and Flu-like Symptoms: fever, eating or drinking less, sore throat, feeling unwell

-Mouth Sores- Your child may get painful mouth sores. These sores usually start as small red spots, often in the back of their mouth, that blister and can become painful.

-Skin rash: The rash usually looks like flat, red spots, sometimes with blisters.

Please check out the CDC's link for more information!
Feel free to call me with any questions you may have at (928)428-0477

Thank You
-Mariah Hinton

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Remind App
Dear Parents and Guardians:

The following remind app codes have been created for you to use to communicate with Solomon School’s health aide. Communication from the school’s health aide will be all non-emergency communication such as screening reminders, non-emergency medical questions, less serious accidents and sports physical reminders. All emergency medical communication from the health aide will still be by phone calls. Parents and guardians are welcome to message the health aide through this app with any non-emergency medical questions they may have. If it is an emergency during school hours please call the school directly or call 911.

Solomon School Nurse- Kindergarten
Code: @nurse-kg
Solomon School Nurse- Preschool
Code: @nurse-prek
Solomon School Nurse- 1st Grade
Code: @nurse-1st
Solomon School Nurse- 2nd Grade
Code: @nurse-2nd
Solomon School Nurse- 3rd Grade
Code: @nurse-3rd
Solomon School Nurse- 4th Grade
Code: @nurse-4th
Solomon School Nurse- 5th Grade
Code: @nurse-5th
Solomon School Nurse- 6th Grade
Code: @nurse-6th
Solomon School Nurse- 7th Grade
Code: @nurse-7th
Solomon School Nurse- 8th Grade
Code: @nurse-8th

You can access the app on a desktop computer at or for non-smartphones you can text the desired code to 81010 to receive text messages. I do ask that you only sign up for the class(es) you wish to receive messages from.

Thank you,
Mariah Hinton
Health Aide
Solomon Elementary School

*In case of an emergency at home always call 911*
Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222
Graham County Sheriff’s: (928)428-3141

Hands-Only CPR
Last week our Jr. High was taught how to do hands-only CPR and were able to practice on CPR dummies. This is a life saving skill to know and below I have copied the information that was handed out to the students so you can at home know how to preform safe hands-only CPR.

***Please also note we did NOT certify the students in CPR or First Aide and if anyone more qualified is around to preform CPR in case of an emergency allow them to take over the situation***

Before Giving CPR
Check the scene and the person. Check to make sure the scene is safe, tap the person on the shoulder to see if they're OK, and look for signs of rhythmic, normal breathing.

Call 911 for assistance. If there's no response from the victim when asked if he or she is OK, call 911, or ask a bystander to call for help.

Begin compressions. If the person is unresponsive, perform hands-only CPR.

How to Perform Hands-Only CPR
Ensure the person is on their back on a firm, flat surface

Kneel beside the person
Your knees should be near the person’s body and spread about shoulder width apart

Use correct hand placement
Place the heel of one hand in the center of their chest, with your other hand on top
Interlace your fingers and make sure they are up off the chest

Use correct body position
Position your body so that your shoulders are directly over your hands
Lock your elbows to keep your arms straight

Give continuous compressions
Push hard and fast (at least 2 inches; 100 to 120 compressions per minute)

Allow chest to return to its normal position after each compression

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Sun Safety
With more than 300 sunny day annually, sun safety is especially important in Arizona. Practicing good sun safety is important at any age, but it is critically important for children since much of a person's lifetime exposure to the sun occurs before age 18. Be sure to use practice skin protection while you are outdoors especially when the UV rates are the highest in the middle of the day.

Use Sunscreen Every Day!
Even on cloudy days, the sun’s rays can damage your skin. Wear sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher. Apply 20 minutes before going outside and reapply every 2 hours or sooner if perspiring or engaging in water activities. Wearing sunscreen every day is as important as brushing your teeth!

Wear a Hat and Lip Balm!
A hat with a wide brim offers better protection for your scalp, ears, face and the back of your neck than a baseball cap or visor. Remember to protect lips with SPF 15+ lip balm.

Wear Sunglasses!
Sunglasses reduce sun exposure that can damage your eyes and lead to cataracts. Check the label and choose sunglasses that block at least 90% of UVA and UVB rays.

Cover Up!
Wear long sleeves and pants if possible to protect your skin when playing or working outdoors. Darker colors and fabric with a tight weave provide the most protection.

Limit Time in the Midday Sun!
Limit your outdoor activities when the UV rays are strongest and most damaging (10 a.m. to 4 p.m.). Remember: Look for your shadow—if no shadow, seek cover!

Take Cover!
Find something fun that doesn’t involve exposure to direct sun. Take cover under a tree or ramada, or find an indoor activity inside a gym, library or classroom when UV rays are strongest.

Check the daily UV Index!
Did you know you can check the intensity of the sun’s rays every day? The ultraviolet or UV index is a way of measuring the sun’s intensity. The scale is from 1 to 11+. The higher the UV, the more careful you should be. A day with a UV rating of 11 requires more protection than a day with a rating of 1.

Avoid Sun Lamps and Tanning Booths!
These artificial sources of UV light can cause as much damage as the sun’s UV rays. Remember, there is no such thing as a safe tan. To get a tan, skin damage has to occur!

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