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Monday, February 24, 2020

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Mrs. Marci Flake
Preschool Teacher
Room: 26
Phone: 928-428-0477
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Welcome to Preschool!

Welcome to preschool! Our theme for February is water
Color: Blue
Shape: Circle
Letters: Mm, Nn, Ww, Xx
Numbers: 8-11
Position word: around
Some of the books we will be reading this month are:
Water Can Be...
Commotion in the Ocean
First place Freddy

Number & Letter for the week of
Number- 1q
Letter- Xx
Writing-O, Q

Thought of the Week
Teach Your Kid to Clean Up
Are you usually the one putting the toys back on the shelves? If your child doesnít clean up after himself at home, heís sure to be messy at school. Have him stow his toys neatly away after playtime. Teach him to make his bed, take out the trash and wash the dishes. When thatís the standard at home, keeping a clean desk at school wonít seem like a big deal.

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Upcoming Events
Spring Pictures 3/12
Spring break 3/16-20
Parent/Teacher Conferences 3/25-26


Remember we have 12 students and no cinnamon or peanuts.
Thank You!

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