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Friday, December 3, 2021

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Mrs. Marci Flake
Preschool Teacher/Special Ed.
Room: 26
Phone: 928-428-0477
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December at a Glance

Our theme for preschool this month is Five Senses. We have our theme for one month.

Color: green
Shape: star
Numbers: 4-6
Letters: Rr, Kk, Aa

Stories we will be reading:
I can hear an Apple
Gingerbread Puppy
I spy Christmas

Weekly Focus for November 29
Theme Focus-Five Senses
Weekly Focus-Smell and Taste
Letter- Rr
Number- 4

Thought of the Week for November 29
To practice phonological awareness skills with your child, try these fun activities:

Read the BOB BOOKS: Rhyming Words with your child, and you'll both have a blast! This collection of 10 mini-books and 30 flashcard puzzles highlight rhyming patterns and words.
Switch out letters: See if he can manipulate isolated sounds by making new words as they switch out sounds (e.g., replace the /c/ in ‘cat’ with /b/ (bat)).
Come up with rhyming words while passing the time in line at the store.

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