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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Mr. Jim McManus
History/Civics Teacher
Room: 13
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Unpublished at teacher's request Any time after 2 pm - room 13, or by appointment.
I will generally be in my room from 7am-3pm.

Hello Parents and Residents of Solomon.

The following is an information bulletin from Solomon School Superintendent Kevin England.


We take threats about bringing a gun/knives to school very seriously.

Please talk to your child and remind them how this threat can affect

There was a problem here at school and it was resolved with a suspension and other disciplinary action.

Mr. England

Nov. 28 - Dec. 2
Civics - Mon. - Ch. 13 - Paying for Government
Mon. - 1:15 - 2:00 -AZ Merit Civics Test Review
World History - Ch. 15 - Later Chinese Dynasties - 589 - 1644
U.S. History - Ch. 14 - The South, 1790 - 1860. Cotton Industry and Slavery.
Geography - U.S. western region, states and capitals, industry and lifestyle.

No School Wed. 11-23 - Fri. 11-25 Thanksgiving Holiday. HAPPY TURKEY DAY TO

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