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Thursday, February 25, 2021

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Mrs. Marci Flake
Kindergarten Teacher/Special Ed.
Room: 26
Phone: 928-428-0477
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Kindergarten is on Lesson 23 February 8-12

We are on lesson 23 and our topic is 'How Things Grow'
Words to Know:

Phonological Awareness
Blend and Segment
Substitute Phonemes

Pause for Punctuation

Ee long and short

Vocabulary Strategies
Context Clues

Proper Nouns for Days and Months

Weekly Homework
*for in person students
If you are a distance learner you do everything on the list. Checklist are in your packets. Also watch the math video before doing the LP worksheet.

Daily Language checklist
RN pg 46
*Rn pg. 47
*Lesson Practice #111
Vocab Match
Google Reading Quiz
Daily checklist
*Reading log

Daily Language Checklist
*RN pg 48
Writers Notebook Pg 25
*Lesson Practice #112
*Reading log
Daily Checklist

Daily Language Checklist
RN pg 49
RN pg
*Lesson Practice #113
Phonics Awareness ws
Word Web
Daily Checklist
*Reading log

Daily Language Checklist
*RN pg 50
*Lp #114
Daily Checklist

Daily Language Checklist
RN pg 51
Reading Log
Lp #115
Color by Word
Blend Practice
Daily Checklist

Packets Info
If your child will not be returning to school on February 22, due to COVID, packets will be ready for pick up in the media center at 8am. Don't forget to return last weeks and please include the attendance signature page. If you do not pick up packets or return them your child will be counted absent, after 10 absences (2 weeks) your child is dropped from school. You will need to be able to access google classroom. If you do not have your child's email and password please email me. Please make sure you are doing ALL pages and online activities.
Names are needed on ALL pages and please return the Daily Language and Daily checklist with the activities completed marked off.

Thought of the Week
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